Radar Station of type «Ryad»

Radar Station of type «Ryad»

Automated radar stations with 1 and 2 channels with band of 3.5 and 10 cm are designed for sea ships navigation and used in the following systems:

  • Ship’s navigation and integrated complexes
  • Vessels' traffic management and information systems Net, observation posts of the Russian Coastal Guard and Navy and other authorities are also equipped by this radar stations.

Radar stations have all quality confirmation documentations accordance with IMO, Russian Register requirements МФО2-22/848–70.

Radar station «Ryad» is a modernized version of the famous equipment of the enterprise, namely of Navigation Radar Station «Ocean». Over 1 000 complexes in versions for ships and coastal station were supplied for the Ministry of Marine.

More detailed information you can find on  web-site of SC «Rawenstvo»