IMDS-2021 07.06.2021


On June 23–27, 2021, JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» participates in X International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS-2021) within JSC «Tactical Missiles Corporation» integrated exposition, situated on stand 300, pavilion G of EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Center, 64/1 Peterburgskoe Shosse, Saint Petersburg.

In the year of 100-th anniversary, based on a principled foundation of scientific and technical achievements, focusing on contemporary trends and requirements, Concern continues to develop warfare systems, mature critical technologies.
During IMDS-2021 Concern «Granit-Electron» and its subsidiaries demonstrate the best-in-class military, civil and dual-purpose products:

*Ship-borne fire control system of «Uran-E» missile weapon system with X-35E cruise missile;
*Ship-borne target designation radar system 3 °C-25E;
*Homing head from the ship’s missile weapons system with Yakhont cruise missile;
*Radioelectronic systems for submarines for anti-interference of surface environment surveillance MRK-50UE and KRM-66E;
*Coastal mobile radar system for detecting surface targets Mys-E (JSC «Saratovski radiopribornyi zavod»);
*Coastal stationary radar system for detecting surface targets MR-10 (JSC «Saratovski radiopribornyi zavod»);
*The technology of realization of the Unified Information Space of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation;
*Autonomous power supply source AIP-30 for various objects, including unmanned aerial vehicles and light aircraft (JSC «Severniy press»);
*Coastal radar Ocean-100 for marine traffic management services (JSC «Rawenstvo»);
*Radar Ocean-200 for airside observation (JSC «Rawenstvo»);
*Coherent all-round radar system for high-latitude application (JSC «Severniy press»);
*Coastal radar Irtysh-3S1 for surface monitoring, including Arctic zone waters (JSC «Saratovski radiopribornyi zavod»);
*Navigation radar Tersa to provide safe navigation of river-class and confined open water vessels (JSC «Saratovski radiopribornyi zavod»);
*An unmanned universal boat designed with Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University for search and rescue operations, research of the World Ocean, for ecology and fish stock monitoring, for planning sea bottom maps.

Each new highly effective military, civil and dual-purpose equipment of JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» has a great upgrading capacities and versatility of technologies for producing state-of-the-art systems to meet high standards of quality and performance and enable us to solve customers’ most pressing challenges.

100 years of R&D experience of sophisticated high-tech products is a reliable reference point for the further development strategy for the Concern and a significant advantage in the implementation of new advanced projects.

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