JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» is accredited in the area of ensuring the uniformity of measurements.

Field of concern:

  • radio measuring devices examination;
  • electro measuring devices examination.

Accreditation area in measuring devices examination:

  • electronic calculating frequency meters, frequency synthesizer, frequency comparator;
  • subsiding measurer;
  • electronic AC current, diode balancing, electronic pulsewise, selective voltametres;
  • wattmeter; microwave frequency capacities transmitter in coaxial and waveguide tractates;
  • measuring lines, voltage standing-wave-ratio meter s and panoramic rejections, complex coefficient transmission meters;
  • phase difference meters;
  • oscillographs;
  • scientific instruments for amplitude-frequency response, spectrum analyser;
  • distortion meter;
  • under frequency waveform generator, radio frequency, momentum;
  • amperemeters and voltmeters of double current;
  • voltage instability meters;
  • digital multipurpose voltameters, multiple-purpose meters;
  • direct current power supplies;
  • galvanometer, megaohmmeters, teraohmmeters;
  • alternating current bridges, capacity, coefficient of induction and resistance meter.

Laboratory of Metrology

Chief metrologist — head of laboratory of metrology
Okolitha Vladimir Vasilyevich
Tel.: +7(812)578-94-52
e-mail: okolitavv@granit-electron.ru

Deputy Head of laboratory of metrology
Yashnovskaya  Irina Alekseevna
Tel.: +7(812) 578-94-52
e-mail: office@granit-electron.ru