Research areas

Areas of JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» scientific and technology activities:

  • Development of shipborne (coastal) multipurpose radar systems of surface (air) targets detection and target designation generation for weapons;
  • development and modernization of shipborne multipurpose radar systems for small and medium-sized ships taking into account connection with aviation and space systems;
  • development of advanced radar systems with broadband active and passive grating with digital processing;
  • development of coastal radar systems for surface situation observation;
  • creation of integrated network of attended and unattended radar systems and control center for arctic shelf;
  • development of container version of the radar for navigation and coastal systems;
  • development of on-board radar control systems for unmanned aircrafts, including supersonic and hypersonic ABM;
  • development of small-sized jamproof homing heads with broad band ranging signal based on AESA for perspective ABM;
  • development of perspective versions of information exchange systems for missile salvo and communication with carrier unit;
  • development of on-board control systems for reconnaissance aircrafts, including combat;
  • development of intellectual small-sized on-board ASCM control systems, functioning at long range, supersonic and hypersonic speed;
  • development of intellectual on-board unified control systems for export systems «Yahont» and «BrahMos»;
  • development of shipborne (ground-based) control systems of naval armament (missile, torpedo, bomb);
  • development of on-board computing cloud architecture systems;
  • development of control systems for autonomous underwater and surface robots;
  • development of systems providing organization of non-conflict uniform integrated information space in shipborne automatic control systems distributed intellectual environment;
  • development of descriptive modules for radar and missile naval armament systems of multipurpose simulation complex.

Research and Development

Research on improvement of defense technologies are aimed to develop new scientific solutions in the field of control systems and radar, to support outgoing and anticipated R&D’s and to develop engineering and technological solutions with new element base usage.

JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» actively pursuing advanced research and development work in priority areas of science, technology and equipment areas. They are information and telecommunication systems, advanced armament types, military and special equipment in the Russian Federation. The use of advanced high-technology science and development database allows improving and upgrading existing technologies in innovation Concern’s projects.

Acting as an integration center and a part of Russian military industrial complex governmental reform programs, Concern participates at measures to ensure national security (military, scientific and economic), to satisfy the needs of the market in products and services, to fulfill the state defense order and export deliveries.

Development priority is creation of advance production relations in Concern and industry, establishment and maintenance of scientific and technical communications between individual companies and universities.

Innovative development areas

Strategic purpose of Concern’s development is creation of diversified world level company with business diversification in high-tech industries and high technology, in the area of control systems development and in radar and radio navigation areas.

The following areas of company’s innovation development in short term are:

  • development of small-sized shipborne radar systems for small and medium sized missile ships;
  • development of small-sized homing heads (seekers) based on active phased array antenna;
  • development of control systems for autonomic surface and underwater robots;
  • development of autonomic maintenance-free coastal radar systems for arctic zone;-
  • building, reconstruction and technical rearmament of scientific — experimental and stand base for maintaining and strengthening of industry capacity in order to fundamental and experimental researches associated with the development of new marine equipment;

JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» plans to use power of member companies for release of high-technology civil and dual purpose production in the following areas:

  • systems and equipment creation in Russian Federation arctic zones;
  • medical equipment development in the framework of production diversification;
  • works under FTP in the relevant directions.
Gamma-ray therapy unit Rokus-R

Federal research and technical center JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» with the unique experimental equipment and experienced team of high-qualification research workers, is a scientific institution which scientific and scientific-technical work has received reasonable recognition in both Russian Federation and abroad.