АО «Равенство-Сервис»

JSC «Rawenstvo-Service»



Russia, 198099, Saint Petersburg, Promyshlennaya st., 19

+7 812 786-18-60

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General information about JSC «Rawenstvo-Service»

The priorities of JSC «Rawenstvo-Service» are warranty and service, modernization, repair of systems of fire control and torpedo anti-submarine weapon for surface ships and submarines, on-board radar systems of surface environment surveillance and target designation, radar stations of the maritime and mobile land-based, control systems of electronic warfare systems.

Principal activities:

  • warranty, maintenance, repair, installation and mounting of weapons and military equipment, including: shipborne control systems of sea and ground-based cruise missiles, radars for surface ships and submarines, control systems for torpedo and anti-submarine weapons, reconnaissance-strike complexes, and other means of electronic warfare systems, control systems of unmanned complexes and aircrafts, training aids, data processing systems and software, navigation equipment systems, equipment of electronic warfare, ship digital computing systems, special systems of ship automation, devices and hydraulics, shipborne and coastal radar systems;
  • installation, commissioning, warranty, maintenance and repair of products technical application, medical equipment, consumer goods under government contracts, according to consumers ' orders;
  • the development of the quality management system;
  • acquisition, construction, installation of equipment and its repair and overhaul;
  • the collection, storage and delivery of products of secondary raw materials, including those containing precious metals and precious stones;
  • operation, maintenance and repair of internal and external networks of heat, water, gas and electricity, ventilation, heating, sanitation, air-conditioning, supply systems, compressed air, wastewater treatment, transport, hoisting equipment, low-voltage networks and equipment (fire and security alarm systems, installation of radio) and other objects, controlled by Federal Committee for Mining and Industrial Supervision of Russia, Energy audit and Center of sanitary supervision and disease control.