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JSC «Zavod Kulakova»



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General information about JSC «Zavod Kulakova»

In 1870 entrepreneur N. P. Geysler set up a telegraph & telephone repair workshop in Saint-Petersburg. In 1895 N. P. Geysler set up an electromechanical plant, thus it enabled to lay a foundation for Russian telegraph & telephone industry. The plant specialized on production of ship telegraph & telephone, propulsion control systems, electrical test equipment, works for mounting and installation of telephone stations for big cities was also realized.

In 1922 the plant was renamed as Kulakov Petrograd telegraph & telephone plant in honor of A. A. Kulakov who was a participant of revolutionary movement.

During first five-year plan loud-speakers, electric meter, telegraph networks and telephone apparatus was commercialized. During the Great War the plant produced a military production. On completion of the War a production of low-voltage equipment for ships was recovered, product range was upgraded and modernized as well as new equipment was developed such that product list increased up to 2 800 items. Production of civil products was also in force.

Our plant was integrated to JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» vide the Russian President Decree Ref. 398 dated 21.03.2007 for realization of Program on development and production of electronic warfare systems in the interest of defense and safety of the Nation. Further development of the plant and new production engineering will be realized with JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron».

Our plant is specialized on development and production of automatic control systems of communication systems and various technical aid, electric cells and electronic units, power apparatus and systems, medical equipment. It is developed and produced shipborn intercommunication systems for its fitting on navels and ships of all kinds, including:

  • Batteryless command-communication system (П432), console design is also available;
  • Shipborne control systems of on-board cruise missiles systems and anti-submarine defense;
  • Engine-room and steering telegraphs, rudder indicators, control receivers;
  • Switching boards;
  • Navigating lights switching board;
  • Sound and light alarm breakers;
  • Control locks and commutators for ships.