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SC «Rawenstvo»



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General information about SC «Rawenstvo»

SC «Rawenstvo» is one of the leading OEM in Russia in  radioelectronic warfare systems for the Russian Naval Forces and Federal Security Service Customs.

Due to a great experience of our enterprise over 50 years and long-lived scientific and production cooperation ties with such enterprises as JSC «Admiralteiskie Verfi», JSC "Concern "Granit-Electron", JSC "Malahit", PSC «Almaz», the Center of military-maritime researches and supplies "Altair", JSC "Concern "Sea underwater weapon-Gidropribor", JSC «Marine undersea weapon «Gidropribor», JSC «Marine complexes and systems» etc.

SC «Rawenstvo» is able to produce and supply the following equipment:

  • Modern coastal and shipborne radar stations with improved reliability and performance for ships traffic control systems and surface and air surveillance, data generation for cruise missiles target detection that meet the requirements of IMO and the Register of the Russian Federation;
  • Shipborne radar systems with compound signals (Radian and Radian U types);
  • Medical facilities for cancer treatment such as «Rokus-R», various modifications of which have been delivering to clinics more than forty years;
  • Electronical AC/DC, DC/DC transformators;
  • Miniature hydraulic actuators.

The latest product of SC «Rawenstvo» is the compound signal radar «Obzor» developed on modern element base using new software and signal processing techniques.

Radar «Obzor» is designed for surface surveillance in the port and coastal areas, canals and other water bodies. High ecological purity at the expense of low-radiated power (100 watts) allows to place the radar in the immediate vicinity of the working people and premises.

«Obzor» provides:

  • detection of surface and low-flying targets;
  • fast (during a single turnover of antenna) selection of moving and stationary targets with the indication of the approaching and receding targets;
  • manual or automatic target capture for tracking with elements of the movement definition;
  • visual and automatic detection of targets crossing the border control areas and signal to prevent unauthorized access;
  • display of target attributes;
  • target coordinates or movement parameters transfer to the television system;
  • radar data archiving.

SC «Rawenstvo» develops a radar processor as well, designed for digital processing of video-signal received from Radar station.

Reliability and effectiveness of supplied equipment and component parts are achieved due to overall system tests which are carried out on the modern test bench facilities.

Enterprise all the time gives particular consideration to the quality management matter. For improvement of efficiency of the enterprise as well as for providing a high technical performances and quality of produced equipment SC «Rawenstvo» was successfully certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 GOST RV 15.002–2003 for the development, production and service of military products.

On the base of the enterprise a repair facilities was established for supervising, installation, test and commissioning, recovery & repair of original manufactured or third side’s radar stations, computing systems and medical equipment.