Military-technical cooperation with Vietman

Military-technical cooperation with Vietman

From December 08–10, 2022 representatives of Сoncern «Granit-Eleсtron» took part in the Defense&Security Exhibition (DSE-2022) in Hanoi, Vietnam.

At DSE-2022, as part of the official Russian delegation, organized by «Rosoboronexport», specialists of Сoncern «Granit-Eleсtron» conducted a series of negotiations and consultations with the Vietnamese side to implement bilateral military-technical cooperation programs.

For the Vietnamese Navy, Concern «Granit-Electron» offers the modernization of all shipborne automated fire control systems for anti-ship missiles, installed on the ships as well as the upgraded target designation radar station.

Supplying Vietnamese warships with advanced equipment of Сoncern «Granit-Electron» contributes to the enhancement of combat capabilities of the Vietnamese Navy and strengthens the mutually beneficial cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Thus, the DSE-2022 exhibition created favorable conditions for defense industry suppliers of the Russian Federation to better understand and meet the requirements of customers, offering them promising solutions to ensure the security of the SRV.