IMDS-2023 results

IMDS-2023 results

The International Maritime Defense Show has been successfully completed in Kronshtadt at Congress and Exhibition Center of the new Fort Island Convention.

Concern «Granit-Electron», as a part of «Tactical Missiles Corporation», presented advanced military and civilian products at IMDS-2023, held current meetings and negotiations with customer representatives and warfare systems experts on issues of effective cooperation.

The joint exposition of «Tactical Missiles Corporation» enterprises was visited by: Denis Manturov- Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation — Minister of Industry and Trade, Nikolay Evmenov — Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Alexander Beglov- Governor of St. Petersburg, Evgeniy Grigoriev- Chairman of the Committee for External Relations of the St. Petersburg Government, Kseniya Shoigu — Head of the project office on creation of tourist-recreational cluster «Fort Island», Andrey Rudskoy — Rector of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and delegations of embassies and ministries of friendly states.

At the official opening ceremony of IMDS-2023 Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov on behalf of the organizers’ of the event noted the serious potential of Russian science, R&D schools, defense and industry complex in the development of the national shipbuilding industry.

More than 100 years of scientific experience in the development of sophisticated radio-electronic warfare systems for the Navy allows Concern «Granit-Electron» to introduce unique technologies in the perspective product samples presented at IMDS-2023. State-of-the-art radioelectronic equipment and fire control systems, developed by the Concern’s engineers, ensure combat and daily activities tasks of the Navy to protect national interests and security of the country.

Civil products were presented by joint developments of the Concern and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, including: Laperuz demonstrator of technologies for calculation and visualization of vessels trajectories in ice conditions, Kalan-M amphibious robotic complex, unmanned surface vehicle, automated workstation of operator for control of any unmanned vehicles, single channel sonar.

Concern’s cooperation with specialized universities makes it possible to create challenging domestic technologies, to maintain students' interest to engineering and to ensure inflow of young specialists to the enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

During the IMDS, there were also useful meetings of top-managers and specialists (designers, engineers) of related industry enterprises that facilitated exchange of experience and organization of joint projects.

The innovative developments of Concern «Granit-Electron» attracted much attention of media covering the IMDS.
The International Maritime Defense Show contributed to the promotion of Russian warfare systems on the domestic and global markets, as well as strengthened the status of Concern «Granit-Electron» as the leading enterprise of the military industrial complex in the field of radio-electronic engineering.