Meeting on Victory Day

Meeting on Victory Day

On 08 May 2024 Concern «Granit-Eleсtron» held a solemn meeting, dedicated to the 79th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Every year on the eve of Victory Day, the staff of the company holds a meeting near the monument installed on the Concern’s territory in memory of the enterprise’s heroic employees of those war years.

Just from the very this place they went to the fronts of the War to defend Leningrad and the country from German invaders. Many of them did not return home, they died in the battles for the Motherland.

The enterprise with a small number of employees continued in those years to work continuously under the order of the front, providing the Army with special equipment. Important defence orders were fulfilled by the cost of great efforts, bringing the victory closer.
Many employees of the enterprise were awarded with orders and medals for Merits to the country.

The Concern’s modern generation is proud of the history of its enterprise and clearly realizes the importance of current tasks assigned to the enterprise’s employees at present.

The meeting ended with a minute of silence in memory of soldiers who did not return from the battlefields and veterans of the Great Patriotic War who passed away, and laying wreaths and flowers at the obelisk.

Relying on the heroic past of its predecessors, the enterprise’s staff looks to the future with confidence, fulfilling the tasks set to ensure the national security of the country.