IMDS "Fleet-2024" post-resease

IMDS "Fleet-2024" post-resease

On 19–23 June at the International maritime defence show «Fleet-2024» Concern «Granit-Electron» as part of «Tactical missiles corporation» presented the most advanced products, held business meetings and negotiations with customer representatives and experts in the field of military equipment and civil shipbuilding on issues of effective cooperation.

The exhibition exposition of Concern «Granit-Eleсtron» was visited by delegations of embassies and ministries of a number of friendly foreign countries, such as India, China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, UAE, Indonesia, Thailand, Venezuela, Kingdom of Bahrain and countries of the African continent.

Representatives of foreign naval forces were especially interested in the Concern’s radioelectronic equipment, in particular, target designation radar system and shipboard fire control systems.

In his comments to the Russian TV channel, the commander of the navy of one of the Arab countries noted that Russian radar systems surpass foreign analogues in certain parameters and meet the current requirements of modern fleets.

The modernised radioelectronic warfare systems of Concern «Granit-Eleсtron» presented at the IMDS have improved tactical and technical characteristics that significantly increase the efficiency of weapon implementation. This allows the company to remain a reliable supplier of military products on the world market, raising the prestige of Russian weapons.

The visitors of the IMDS were also interested in civilian products developed by enterprises of the Concern’s integrated structure.

Coastal and navigation radar stations are entirely based on domestic technologies, including algorithms and software.

Thus, the uniqueness of «Ocean-100» radar consists in high-tech manufacturing of the antenna and 12 modifications, which makes it possible to meet the needs of any customer.

Taking into account special capabilities of the Concern’s equipment, such as: accuracy, all-weather, these radars are applicable in Arctic conditions in autonomous mode without constant presence of specialists.

Concern «Granit-Electron» is ready to share its expertise in creation of civilian equipment with domestic enterprises-developers to ensure technological independence of Russian Federation.

Activities of Сoncern «Granit-Electron» at the exhibition part of the IMDS, as well as participation in the business programme, reports at profile Round tables, allows the company to analyse trends in the development of radar equipment in order not only to meet modern requirements, but also to surpass competitors.

Concern «Granit-Electron»'s participation in the Fleet-2024, the key event of the industry, was covered by the leading Russian TV channels 1TV, Rossiya-1, and NTV.

In an interview with Federal TV, Director General Igor Ponomarev spoke about the promising areas of the company’s developments for the Navy, ensuring, first and foremost, the defence capability of our country.

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