«Granit» and «Bazalt» has successfully engaged surface target

Cruise missiles «Granit» and «Bazalt» has successfully engaged surface target.

Missile carrier ship «Varyag» and nuclear submarine «Tomsk» launched supersonic missiles «Granit» and «Bazalt» for engagement surface target during Russian fleet exercises in the Pacific Ocean.

The weapon was launched from the Sea of Okhotsk for testing missiles maximum range.

Remove control systems confirmed that submarine’s cruise missile «Granit» and ship’s missile «Bazalt» have successfully engaged the assigned surface target.
Combat mission was realized under hard ECM/ELINT conditions, — reported officials of the Pacific Ocean fleet (INTERFAX).

JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» is original equipment manufacturer of electronics and automatic control systems for cruise missiles type of «Granit» and «Bazalt». These electronics provide high efficient engagement of targets, as well, reliable operating and alert status of missiles systems.