3C-25E radar on missiles frigates of Vietnam

According to the press report of Vietman media, two missiles frigates pr. 12418 were commissioned to Naval Forces of Vietnam on 09.10.2017. The ships are equipped with target designation radar system 3 °C-25Е, supplied by JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» to the Navy of Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the framework of military technical cooperation.

TD radar 3 °C-25E is one of the core product of JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron», intended for multi-mode long-distance surface surveillance environment providing low probably of interception.

Reliability of the equipment supplied by the Concern has been confirmed with successful trials for combat implementation as well as with combat missiles launches.

High quality of equipment of the Concern as well as its operating experience under various climatic conditions serves to further development of efficient military technical cooperation between Russia and Vietnam.