The shipment of the equipment for ARF in India

The shipment of the equipment for ARF in India

JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» has carried out the shipment of the equipment for the deployment of Armament Repair Facilities (ARF) in Republic of India.
The project is being implemented according to the program of full range after-sales service support of the prior supplied warfare systems within military technical cooperation with India and long-term successful partnership with Indian Naval forces.

Before being supplied to India, the equipment passed all necessary trials, which proved its highest quality and performance.

Facilities commissioning and personnel сonsultations, scheduled on the customer’s territory, are intended for rapidly equipment operating and the ARF introduction.

The set of repair facilities consists of stands for functional checks of every system’s item and automated system for damages localizing and analyzing, and for replacing fault unit at the place efficiently. ARF with full range after sale support and maintenance significantly and rapidly effects on life service of warfare systems, providing their high warfighting capabilities.

So, our innovative approach and proven tools help keep customers mission-ready while optimizing limited resources, being equipped at every step in any location. It allows us to streamline the process of full life-cycle modernization and support of the prior supplied warfare systems.