International Maritime Defense Show-2019

International Maritime Defense Show-2019

Over the years the International Maritime Defense Show for JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» is used to be the significant platform for business communication between experts on issues of military-technical cooperation development and international ongoing partnership. IMDS enables to promote actively the high-tech Concern’s military, civil and dual-purposes production on global and national markets.

The cutting-edge science and engineering solutions of Concern’s integrated enterprise, presented as the real visual models, are always of constant interests of the exhibition visitors.

Concern «Granit-Electron»’s exposition in IMDS-2019 was visited by Deputy Prime Minister of the RF Yuri Borisov, Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the RF Oleg Ryazantsev, Director of the Departament of shipbuilding industry and marine equipment of Ministry of industry and trade of the RF Boris Kabakov, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Federation Navy Nikolay Evmenov.

Georgii Korzhavin, General director of JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron», presented the most advanced and entirely new and future Concern’s R&D technologies, including, in particular, «Ocean» radars and unmanned universal boat.

The unique features of the coastal navigation radar systems of «Ocean» type, designed for vessel traffic management services (VTMS) are in maximum antenna length, intended for radars of this class, in advanced antenna radiation performance and in 12 modifications of the radar, which allow meeting the needs of any customers, depending on the category of VTMS. Great interest to that highly-skilled engineering was shown by the representatives of the radiotechnical services of the Russian Federation Navy, headed by the deputy commander-in-chief of the Main Staff of the Navy, Vice-Admiral Andrey Volozhinsky. The capabilities of «Ocean» radar have attracted attention of cross-domain enterprises’ experts for further possible mutual cooperation, using the existing testing facilities of all interested sides.

The development of unmanned universal solar-powered boat is a project of Concern's strategic partnership with Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

The boat has autonomous control system and a wide range of applications: for search-and-rescue missions, for World’s ocean exploring, for ecology and fish stock monitoring, for planning sea bottom maps as well as for military purposes — for reconnaissance and delivery of weapons (torpedoes and bombs).

This product combines Concern and University competences in shipbuilding, radioelectronic engineering, intellectual guidance systems, IT, optics, acoustics.

The unmanned universal boat has become the point of interest for R&D institutes, dealing with civilian marine equipment, environmental services not only from the Russian Federation, but from South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran as well.

So, the visual presentation of our high-tech solutions and new products gave us an excellent opportunity to evaluate the customers’ reviews at the initial stage and  deep understanding of our business challenges. Huge interest in perspective technology and  great attention to the unique technical characteristics of Concern’s products have become a major driver for us to advance the technology in order to provide to our customers the greatest possible tactical advantages, which were revealed during live communication.

JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» was awarded with Diploma in the best exhibit nomination. In fact, the exposition was optimally positioned to demonstrate the best systems and equipment of the Concern’s activities and it provided to realize all the tasks of the Concern productive work in IMDS-2019. The overall exhibition environment inspired us to achieve the next innovative, powerful and marketable results.

The exhibition was wildly covered by media, making the participation of the enterprise in IMDS-2019 more successful.

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