26-th Meeting of Navy Subgroup, India-Russia

26-th Meeting of Navy Subgroup, India-Russia

In period 26-30th August 2019 the representatives of JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron», headed by General Director G. A. Korzhavin, participated in 26-th Meeting of Navy Subgroup of Indo-Russian Intergovernmental Commission on military-technical cooperation in Saints-Petersburg.

Within the work of the Subgroup a high-ranking Indian delegation, headed by Vice Chiefof Naval Staff of the Indian Navy, Vice Admiral G. S. Pabby, visited JSC «Concern «Granite-Electron» to discuss the current cooperation issues.

The sides were satisfied with the present affairs and outlined plans for further productive cooperation, ensuring successful military-technical cooperation between the countries.

Concern «Granit-Electron» is ready to implement a comprehensive system of after-sales support, which allows significantly improving the operating performance of the equipment, extending its life cycle, ensuring a high level of combat readiness of the customer’s warfare systems.

The successful conduction of the 26th meeting of Navy Subgroup of Indo-Russian intergovernmental Commission creates a strong foundation for the further development of military-technical cooperation with Naval forces of India, a strategic partner of the Russian Federation.