New General Director of Concern "Granit-Electron" Igor Ponomarev

Igor Borisovich Ponomarev was appointed General Director of Сoncern «Granit-Electron» by the decision of the Board of Directors No. 136-z dated 07.08.2020 and started his duties on August 10, 2020.

Igor Ponomarev’s life and activity are closely connected with the Russian Navy: from a cadet of the Higher Naval Engineering school named after V. I. Lenin to the General Director of PJSC Shipbuilding plant «Severnaya Verf».

During his business career Ponomarev worked at the top management positions in such organizations as: The main technical Department of the Navy, JSC «Rosoboronexport», JSC «United Shipbuilding Company», JSC «Sudoexport», JSC «Shipyard «Yantar», PJSC Shipbuilding plant «Severnaya Verf».

Igor Ponomarev's leadership and experience has allowed those companies to realize a number of significant projects, both for the Russian Navy and for foreign customers.

Ponomarev’s work was awarded with «Admiral Gorshkov» Memorial medal, «The 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy» medal, Federal Service for military-technical cooperation «Golden idea» National award for merits and achievements in the production of military products, the implementation of advanced technologies and innovative solutions, and other significant awards. Igor Borisovich has a degree of Honorary shipbuilder.

Effective administrative decisions of I. B. Ponomarev and his extensive experience in the field of shipbuilding and military-technical cooperation are major drivers for JSC Concern «Granit-Electron» to start a new stage for further development of perspective military, civil and dual-purpose equipment.

Georgii A. Korzhavin, who previously headed JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron», will continue his work at the company as a Scientific Leader. His experience should undoubtedly be used in the interests of the Russian Federation.