The forum "Arctic: present and future"

The forum "Arctic: present and future"

In period 02–04 December 2021 JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron», as one of the key enterprises integrated in the issues of Arctic exploration, participated in the XI International Forum «The Arctic: present and future» (Saint Petersburg, EXPOFORUM Exhibition and Convention Center).

At the forum Concern «Granit-Eleсtron» confidently declared its Arctic competences, based on the long-term experience of the enterprise in creation of multipurpose and multifunctional radioelectronic systems.

At the joint exposition of the government of St. Petersburg, organized by the Committee of St. Petersburg on Arctic Affairs, Committee of St. Petersburg on Industry and Innovations, Arctic Cluster of St. Petersburg, a comprehensive project for building an effective security architecture in the Arctic, based on the creation of a united information space, was presented by Concern «Granit-Electron».

The project also includes samples of advanced civilian radiolocation systems produced by enterprises of the Concern’s integrated structure.

JSC «Rawenstvo» presented new ship radar station «Ocean-300». Radars of «Ocean» series withstand extremely low temperatures and are perfectly suitable for operation in the Arctic.

JSC «Severniy press» presented at the forum a new coherent coastal radar station Parad 6X for ensuring safe ship traffic, monitoring of ice fields and hummocks in Arctic conditions. Parad 6X radar was shown in a protective radio-transparent cover, manufactured specially for protection of the radar rotary element from icing and arctic storm winds.

These and other projects of Concern «Granit-Electron» allowed the enterprise to become a part of the scientific and production Arctic cluster, which was created by the initiative of the St. Petersburg Committee on Arctic Affairs to solve the problems of scientific and technological support of the Arctic zone of Russia.

The joint exposition of St. Petersburg was visited by Alexey Chekunkov, Minister of the Russian Far East and Arctic Development, and Alexander Beglov, Governor of St. Petersburg.

The chairman of St. Petersburg Committee on Arctic Affairs German Shirokov introduced the guests to the advanced developments of St. Petersburg organizations, among which Concern «Granit-Electron» is one of the main enterprises, specializing in the development of equipment for operation at extremely low temperatures, humidity, in disturbance conditions (northern lights) and sea and coastal based multi-spectral, multi-band radar and navigation systems.