Ground-based fire control system «Bal-E»

Ground-based fire control system «Bal-E»

The purpose and range of application

Ground-based automatic control system (GACS) is an integral part of coastal missile system BAL-E, so it performs functions which are analogous to shipborne automatic control system.

In shipborne and ground-based automatic control systems cutting-edge achievements in microelectronics and calculation equipment are implemented, which make it possible to obtain minimum dimensions and power consumption. Operator’s computer work stations, in which a technology of artificial intelligence is applied, extremely reduce man/hour consumption.

High level potential up-gradation of Ssipborne and ground-based automatic control system is implied which will result in enhancement of systems’ combat missions.

The equipment provides:

  • Single-missile or salvo firing (2 to 8 missiles from each self-propelled launcher (SPL)
  • Initial data reception from support systems
  • Generation of the flight tasks and its input into the ASM on-board control system
  • Calculation of aiming points coordinates and the ASM accessible distance
  • Selection of the flight trajectory and the ASM launching sequence
  • Solution of salvo effectiveness task considering the available missiles
  • Control of launch container
  • Emergency release of missiles without activation of ASM on-board control system
  • Operational self-check

Main tactical and technical data

Distance of targets hitting

Up to 120 km

Angle of missiles post-launch turn

± 90°

Readiness for salvo time

≤ 120 s

Prelaunch preparation time of the complex

60 s

Interval between the missiles in salvo

2-3 s

The Set and performance characteristics

The Complex is a two-level control system. It consists of the following items:

GACS of the combat control machine (CCM) (the first level)

1-2 items

GACS of the SPL (the second level)

1-4 items

The GACS of the CCM consists of the following items:

Control Device КУ163Ц

1 item

External systems interface device НБ162

1 item

The GACS of the SPL consists of the following items:

Control Device КУ163Ц

1 item

Control device КБ163П of the ASM prelaunch

2 items

External systems interface device НБ162

1 item