Radiolocation system KRM-66E

Radar system KRM-66E

The purpose and range of application

KRM-66E is installed on the 4th Generation of submarines.

The system provides:

  • Surface and air surveillance to warn a submarine on possible detection by anti-submarine weapon
  • Surface surveillance with extremely low probability of radar interception in the interest of submarine’s safe navigation and target data acquisition to provide various weapons fire
  • Detection and performance analysis with passive radar channel, emanition of signals and target classification based on radiation sources performance data keeping by anti-ship missile
  • Emanitions security due to sophisticated low-power signal in active radar channel

A multipurpose antenna post with Friend-or-Foe identification antennas (FFI) and active and passive radar channels is used in the system.

The equipment of radar channels makes it possible to form various radar modifications and completeness set to meet customer’s technical assignment for particular submarine projects.

KRM-66E could be interfaced with the following ship-borne systems:

  • Ship’s data management system
  • Ship’s automatic weapon control system
  • Sonar navigation system
  • Ship’s ventilation and air conditioning system
  • Ship’s control and management systems

The set and performance characteristics

The radar system consists of the following channels and equipment:

  • Active radar channel (ARC)
  • Passive radar channel (PRC)
  • Integrated antenna station of the ARC and PRC
  • Spare parts, tools and accessories set (SPTA set)

Operation conditions

Power supply from the DC mains

175 – 320 V

Power consumption

3,5 kW