Radio location system MRKP-59E

Radar system MRKP-59E

The purpose and range of application

The system is installed on the 3rd Generation of submarines and provides the solution of the following missions when submarines operates in surface or periscope position:

  • surface and air surveillance to warn a submarine on possible detection by antisubmarine weapon
  • short range surveillance in active mode with extremely low probability of radar interception in the interest of submarine’s safe navigation
  • Data transmission to Combat Management System (C4I) providing a data generation for target designation for torpedo and missile weaponry

In passive mode receivers and processors are high sensitive to radiating signals, and to be used as integral part of unified periscope complex, and provide:

  • detection of surface, air and coastal objects by their radio emission
  • processing of received signals and measuring parameters by means of the frequency power meter
  • displaying of classification data and signal transmission of threat radar detection
  • displaying of detected objects

The system can be installed as an autonomous system at various objects.