Mobile coastal radar station «Mys-М1E»

Mobile coastal radar system Mys-М1E

The purpose and range of application

Mobile coastal radar MYS-M1E is intended for detection, tracking, coordinates and Friend-or-Foe identification of surface ships and high-speed small targets in offing and littoral areas.

MYS-M1E provides piloting of ships in narrows and channels as well as in inner and outer harbor. This Radar provides coordinates and target moving elements identification in relative (logical) and geographic coordinate systems, as well as it provides data transmission for automatic information acquisition and data processing systems.

The Radar provides:

  • target detection with bandwidth frequency hopping in operational range up to 256km in work on targets
  • high resolution and precision capacity for target detection in work on close targets and for solving navigation tasks
  • detection and acquire a target in automatic mode in two protective zones set by operator
  • track depicting of past motion of target
  • jamming/noise suppression due to signal processing (by criteria and between different observation points)
  • data input, data warehouse and display of charts are provided

Complete set of delivery

  • Apparatus post on the basis of automobile trailer including instrumentation of radar and instrumentation of identification of state accessory of the targets
  • Two mobile diesel power plants ЭДС-30 (basic and reserve)
  • The machine of maintenance on gearwheel base of the automobile ZIL-131 (KAMAZ-5350), in which one are placed;
  • SPTA of radar
  • Places for recreation personnel

More detailed information you can find on  web-site of JSC «Saratovski radiopribornyi zavod»