On-board automatic control systems and seekers for supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles

On-board automatic control systems and homing heads for supersonic and hypersonic anti-ships cruise missiles

JSC «Concern Granit-Electron» produces and supplies on-board automatic control systems (OACS).

OACS provides high efficiency of implementation of cruise missiles based on sea-, ground- and airborne platforms with high jamming resistance capabilities under fire and radioelectronic warfare.

OACS provides flight operation of cruise missiles at extremely low altitudes, thus advancing combat efficiency.

Control and test equipment, which is an integral part of the missile complex, provides complete automatic control of the OACS.

The purpose and range of application of homing head

The homing head (HH) is designed for search and detection of marine and ground targets under the ECM conditions, selection of false targets, for target selection according to the prescribes parameters, for locking-on and tracking of the selected target, for generation and transfer of target coordinates into the auto-pilot system of the cruise missile «Yakhont».

The HH performs the stated above operations under any weather conditions and in the sea state up to 7.

Surface ships, land platforms and aircrafts can be equipped by Cruise missiles «Yakhont».

The main Tactical and Technical Data

Target detection range in the active mode

≥ 50 km

Maximum target search angle

± 40°

Operational readiness time after switching on

≤ 2 min

Current consumption ± 27 V

≤ 38 A


75 кг

Set of the System

The HH is a an on-board two-channel active and passive radar with the complex wideband coherent signal when operating in the active mode.

The HH re-tunes the frequency-time parameters, shows the good performance against the various active and passive countermeasures and it is adaptive to the jamming environment and to the conditions of the application.

The HH is designed according to the modular principle: antenna, transmitter, receiver and the processing unit.

The HH has a built-in-self-control means.

The HH embodies state-of-the-art scientific and technical achievements of the JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» and other defense industry enterprises of the Russian Federation. Original solutions have been patented.