Shipborne target designation radar station 3C-25E

Shipborne target designation radar system 3C-25E

The purpose and range of application

Shipborne TD Radar 3C-25E is used in missile combat missions and provides the following:

  • jam-proof surface (and partially air) surveillance with enhanced security by high potential active (due to implementation of complex signals) and passive radar means
  • detection, automatic tracking, definition of coordinates and movement elements of surface targets
  • detection, recognition and defenition of coordinates of surface and air targets due to their radiating radio electronic equipment
  • generation of target designation data and data transmission for the automated shipborne fire control system of missile (torpedos) complex as well as data transmission on long-range surface environment for the Ship Data System
  • interaction with external information sources with usage of ship’s communication standard equipment
  • operation in a navigation mode to provide safe navigation
  • Operator autonomous training of TD Radar

The Multipurpose Radioelectronic Complex (MREC) is an upgraded version of TD Radar System 3C-25E. Its operational principles are based on data receiving due to own active and passive as well as external data channels providing a unified information field and interaction with ships from a tactical group as well as with Airborne reconnaissance and observation post and target designation equipment.

In addition to target designation radar missions MREC provides the following:

  • autonomous long-range surface surveillance
  • interaction with Airborne surface observation posts, reconnaissance and target designation equipment
  • information data exchange on surface situation with analogous MREC systems installed in ships from tactical group, including the usage of own ship’s Mutual data exchange — Mutual orientation channels
  • gathering and joint processing of data received from the own ship’s systems as well as from external information sources
  • generation and data transmission of target designation to shipborne automatic missile (torpedo) control system; as well as a data transmission on long-range surface environment situation for Ship’s Data Control System

A single and unified stabilized antenna post is used in MREC for all channels that will result in unification and it reduce significantly weight/volume characteristics of the Radar System, as well as it makes possible to install it on ships of various classes.

The set and performance characteristics

The 3C-25E radar consists of the following equipment:

  • Combined antenna device
  • Active channel transceiver
  • Passive channel receiving device with frequency selection
  • Active and passive channel information processing device
  • Channels control console, information display and TD generation panel

Total weight of the equipment without voltage converters

3 000 kg

Power consumption

≤ 30 kV.А