Ship-borne fire control system «Uran-E»

Shipborne fire control system «Uran-E»

The purpose and range of application

The system designed for control of prelaunch preparation and firing by anti-ships missiles (ASM)

The system provides:

  • Reception and processing of information from ship’s support systems:
    • Gyroscopic stabilization
    • Log
    • Target designation sources
    • Weapons safe use provision
  • Information representation at the control console of the complex status and the availability of missiles
  • Simultaneous data generation for firing at the targets (1 to 6);
  • Single-missile or salvo firing by missiles (1 to 16 missiles)
  • Data generation for firing at the actual or predicted location of the target
  • Emergency release of the missiles
  • Training of the personnel without actual missile employment
  • Operational control of the complex.

Main tactical and technical data

Distance of targets engagement

Up to 130 km

Angle of a missile post-launch turn

± 90°

Minimum time for readiness to salvo from switch-off state

≤ 120 s

Interval between the missiles in salvo

2-3 s

The set and performance characteristics

Complex consists of the following items:

control device КУ163Ц of the complex

1 item


500x1040x894 mm


105 kg

control device КБ163П for prelaunch preparation and launch (1 to 4 missiles)

4 item


522x1025x509 mm


122 kg

power supply control device КН231M


540x492x194 mm


27 kg

Power consumption:

Of the mains 220 V, 400 Hz

in the personnel training mode

0,2 kW

in the mode of prelaunch preparation and of the firing by missiles

16 kW

Of the mains 27 V DC

for emergency release of missiles

0,6 кВт