Приборы и устройства интегрированные

Integrated devices and units for shipborne control systems

Integrated devices and units are  modernized versions of unified items with additional performances such as the following:

  • Unified constructions of modules and connection elements permit to develop construction sections that combine console equipment of the systems and complexes manufactured by various OEMs, but which are placed in the same ship’s compartment
  • Unification and information integration of complexes' and consoles' systems on the base of distributed database and local area network
  • Unification of a secondary power supply source for console equipment.

Added values allows:

  • To cut a cost for console equipment at whole and in particular for its SPTA due to unification of equipment produced by various OEMs
  • To reduce dimensions and weight of the console equipment as well as power consumption due to the their unified construction
  • To reduce a quantity and length of physical lines of interface between systems and complexes
  • To reduce duplicate console systems and regroup them into automated workstation of Operator according to the intended purpose (air defense, strike missile weapon, etc) that enhances an operation efficiency and quality of decision-making process on mission
  • To provide a possibility of quick data exchange both through data base management system between operators of various sections, and via common data usage by operators from the one section.