The simulator/attraction «Parachutist»

The simulator/attraction «Parachutist»


«Parachutist» simulator is intended for the wing- type parachute skydiving training. It is supplied to cadet schools, educational-methodical centers of military-patriotic education of youth and sports flying clubs for career guidance.

The attraction «Parachutist» is designed for fans of outdoor activities and everyone who wants to do a parachute jump. It is installed in the entertainment areas of parks and shopping centers.


The simulator/attraction «Parachutist» is a stationary hardware-software system with VR-technology, which provides simulation of a jump with the wing- type parachute at all stages, from the moment of separation from the aircraft and ending with landing. The software of the simulator/attraction helps to realize the implementation of various thematic scenarios of a jump in a virtual world.

«Parachutist» allows:

  • simulate all the main stages of a parachute jump from the height of 2,000 meters to the landing;
  • to carry out the necessary actions for parachute steering - moving on course, pitch and roll;
  • gain skills of parachute control and land orientation;
  • practice different landing techniques;
  • make profile selection of parachutists.

Realistic graphical representation of the area, the sound of engines, vibrating helicopter floor and directed air currents create a VR-parachutist stable illusion of flight with the effect of immersion into virtual reality.


  • is an alternative to the real jump;
  • has no analogues in the world;
  • a variety of missions and scenarios;
  • possibility of all-season operation.

Technical specifications

  • product dimensions 3,2*3,2*3,6 m;
  • electric power consumption - 6.5 kW;
  • the mass of 2.0 tons;
  • accommodation area 30 sq.m. (5m*6m).


«Parachutist» simulator has an instructor's workplace and is supplied with software for evaluating jumps.

The attraction «Parachutist» is delivered with a control terminal for the operator.

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