Projects of JSC “Concern “Granit-Electron” on creation of infrastructure in Arctic zone of Russian Federation

Projects of JSC “Concern “Granit-Electron” in Arctic zone

Development of Artic is one of priority areas of JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron».

Concern’s subsidiaries develop coastal monitoring system for Arctic zone offshore of Russian Federation with network deployment of maintenance-free remotely controlled observation posts based on multifunctional multiband radar system of new generation.

These multifunctional radar systems enhance navigation safety of vessels under intensive traffic. What is more, these systems provide information awareness in national and offshore waters, and for providing safety of energy and industrial infrastructure objects. It reduces risks and prevents water pollutions, and increases efficiency of navy and seaports.

Concern’s projects on infrastructure development are focused on the introduction of competitive technologies for development of perspective robotic systems, solving the problems of ice monitoring, monitoring of fishery, information support of industrial fishing and rational use of aquatic resources, and allows developing of a system of complex safety of arctic marine shipping.

Nowadays, JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» engaged in the following research and development works under general plan of Russian Federation «Development of shipbuilding and equipment for development of offshore fields for 2013–2030»:

  • Development of integrated network from operated and non-operated radar systems, and control center for Arctic offshore.
  • Development of system based on radar with high resolution and system of multipurpose environmental sensor for monitoring of the aquatic environment and the atmosphere.
  • Development of system based on UAVs used in controlled and standalone mode, with the possibility of landing and on the ice surface, for lining of course and reconnaissance of ice conditions.
  • Development of specialized ice monitoring system for radars.

Development of system for monitoring conditions in Arctic zone of Russian Federation provides minimization of extreme geophysical processes impact on human environment, including communication and navigation systems, transport and energy infrastructure, and provides safety of functioning of Northern Sea route.

To fulfill all assigned tasks JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» manufactures the following equipment:

JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» as military-industrial enterprise has the great competence in R&D, manufacturing, supply and service support of systems providing their operation in extremely low temperatures, humidity, under conditions of magnetic anomalies, tropospheric and ionosphere disturbances.

JCS «Concern «Granit-Electron» is ready to realize projects in Arctic zone on the base of marine and coastal multispectral, multiband radar and navigation systems, including UAVs, integrated into common information field. It allows to take strategic and tactical decisions quickly and efficiency in the interests of navigation safety on Northern Sea route, protection of the marine, offshore and continental infrastructure facilities, emergency prevention.