Military Technical Forum 29.07.2022

Military Technical Forum

On 15–21 August, 2022, Concern «Granit-Electron» (integrated into «Tactical Missiles Corporation») participates in the International Military Technical Forum Army-2022 on «Tactical Missiles Corporation» integrated exposition area, situated in the Demonstration centre of the Corporation and Military-industrial limited access Pavilion of the Patriot park, Kubinka, Moscow region, Russia.

At Army-2022 Concern «Granit-Eleсtron» presents sophisticated radio-electronic and multifunctional sea and shore based warfare systems, developed and delivered in the interests of Russian Navy and Naval forces of foreign customers within the framework of military-technical cooperation:

— Ship-borne fire control system of «Uran-E» missile weapon system with Х-35E (X-35UE) cruise missile;
— Ship-borne target designation radar system 3 °C-25E;
— Homing head of ship’s missile weapon system with «Yakhont» cruise missile;
— Missile’s homing head with the modular digital active phased array;
— Radar systems for submarines MRKP-50UE;
— Compact facility radar system for submarines KRM-66E;
— Fire control system for bombs and torpedoes «Purga»;
— «Bal-E» coastal missile radar system with X-35E (X-35UE) cruise missile;
— Coastal mobile radar system for detecting surface targets Mys-M1E;
— Coastal stationary radar system for detecting surface targets MR-10M1E.

At the Forum, in order to realize diversification programs, Concern «Granit-Electron» and its subsidiaries present civil and dual-purpose products with a wide range of application, including those in the Arctic conditions:

— The technology of realization of the Unified Information Space of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation;
— Coastal radar system «Irtysh-3C1» for surface monitoring;
— Navigation radar system «Tersa»;
— Coastal radar system «Ocean-100»;
— High-latitude сoherent radar station Parad 6X.

Concern 's state-of-the-art engineering researches, targeting both domestic and foreign markets, ensure, first and foremost, Russia’s defense capability in the interests of the country’s national security.

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