JSC «Petrovsky electromechanical zavod Molot»

JSC «Petrovsky electromechanical zavod «Molot»



40, Gogol street, Petrovsk, Saratov region, 412541, Russia

+7 84555 31-501

+7 84555 31-502


General information JSC «Petrovsky electromechanical zavod Molot»

JSC «Petrovsky electromechanical zavod «Molot» has got a batch series line production of subcomponents and systems for control fire systems, for combat automatic control systems, for Naval forces training systems.

The enterprise is a main supplier of automatic pilot systems for all types of ships and vessels.

The enterprise puts out the spare parts and SPTA components and repairs the articles having been already produced and are producing now.

The enterprise has a license on R&D, manufacturing, testing, installation, technical service and repair, utilization as well as on implementation of arms and military equipment.

«Molot» has the following facilities:

  • Foundry;
  • Press shop
  • Machine workshop;
  • Cutting-out shop;
  • Frame-welding;
  • Galvanic and paint and vanish;
  • Production of plastics and rubber cast products;
  • Adjustment and acceptance shop;
  • Carpentry;
  • Tool shop;
  • Climatic and mechanical tests laboratory.

The products of JSC «Petrovsky electromechanical zavod «Molot» are:

  • Automatic information control systems;
  • Automatic control systems of ships technical means;
  • Automatic steering units;
  • Shipborne automatic control systems;
  • Radiotechnical equipment of navigation, designation, radars;
  • Radiotechnical equipment for Navy;
  • Ship automatic systems;
  • Ship equipment.