JSC «Severny press»

JSC «Severniy press»



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General information about JSC «Severniy press»

JSC «Severniy Press» was established in January 1932 on the base of metal-press facilities with implementation of technology of chromolithography on sheet steel applied by plant «Nevgvozd». During the Grand War 1941–1945 our enterprise produced anti-personal and anti-tank mines, grenades, cages for depth-bombs.

In 1956 the enterprise was under R&D Institute-49 (at present it is JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron») as a pilot plant for the final trials of new samples of equipment, in 1990 the plant became an independent enterprise. In 2006 it became the subsidiary of JSC "Concern Granit- Electron".

In 1974 microelectronics facilities was established, and printed circuit boards facilities was established in 1976 respectively on the base of the newest equipment «Micronica». It is enabled to produce onboard automatic control systems for cruise missiles of new generation.

The list of developed and produced systems and equipment is the following: Radar stations «Zarya», «Flag», «Albatros», cruise missile control systems «Antey» and «Argument», automatic steering control systems «Shpat», «Turmalin», «Boksit» for nuclear submarines of Project 667, 671, 705 as well as buoyancy control system «Ton», indicators «Kren», «Mayatnic», Radar stations «Bukhta» and «Chibis», Radar antenna devices «Radian», onboard automatic control systems for cruise missile «Amethyst», «Bazalt», «Granit».

Since 2000 our plant participates in development of cruise missiles «BrahMos» for Indian Defense Ministry within Joint Indian-Russian Venture «BrahMos», and realizes all required equipment supplies.

Having overcame a financial crises of the nineties, at the present time our plant increases a re-equipment of the facilities, replacing an outdated equipment and mounting modern automatic one and ready for production of advanced systems within State Defense Procurement Program.

Products of the enterprise

Workshop of automatic molding machines established for production of components made of thermoplastic by using of automatic molding machines with injection volume from 2 up to 250 cu cm with applying of press casting method. Stock material is the following: polystyrene, polyamine, polypropylene, plastic compound, polyamides. Infrared drying of wet plastics with constant stirring is also provided.

Workshop for frame production able to realize arc-argon welding works with all kinds of materials with thickness up to 20 mm and length up to 2 m on semi-automatic in CO2, providing all types of configuration and complexity, exception for tank under pressure. Bending works of all type of complexity also could be performed.

Workshop of electric components established to produce power, sound and pulse converters with power from 2 W up to 1 kW. In Customer’s option the converters can be impregnated with varnish ФЛ-92 or МЛ-98 or with epoxy impregnating compounds or potting compounds, or pained by enamel ЭП-91, with marks and packaged with fastening. Terminals of converters could be, in option, flexible or non-flexible.

Other wire production: coil, restrictors, solenoid, non-standard O-type coils. Operation frequency of power transformers are the following: 50 Hz, 400 Hz, 1000 Hz, 5000 Hz.

Including lugs, coated with tin and brass, rubber strip and metal cup for transformers.

Our plant was integrated to JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» vide the Russian President Decree Ref. 398 dated 21.03.2007 for realization of Program on development and production of electronic warfare systems in the interest of defense and safety of the Nation. Further development of the plant and new production engineering will be realized with JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron».