JSC «Saratov Radio equipment plant»

JSC «Saratovski radiopribornyi zavod»



108, prospect 50 year s of October, Saratov, 410040, Russia

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General information about JSC «Saratovski radiopribornyi zavod»

JSC «Saratoski radiopribornyi zavod» was established vide Decree of the Ministry of Shipbuilding of Soviet Republic dated 02 August 1947 for production of advanced radar systems in the interests of the Navy.

Our enterprise specialized on production of equipment in assembly (end-production) for ships and troops units.

Due to unprecedented program of shipbuilding during 1960–1980 our enterprise was redefined as more major supplier of advanced radio-technical systems for the Navy.

During 1960–1970 our enterprise having realized R&D on product modernization in cooperation with R&D centers as following: Research institute «Granit», «Kvant», «Altair», Design Bureau-1, etc.

Our experimental design bureau realized R&D works on project development and design documentation.

At the same time the divisions of our enterprise performed a large scope of works on the major shipbuilding plants in Saint-Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Nikolayev city, Kerch, Khabarovsk, and Vladivostok, as well as they worked on the grate naval bases of the Northern, Baltic, Black Sea, Pacific Asian and Kamchatka Fleets, there our teams on guaranty repair and technical assistance was established who served ships, submarines and costal stations equipped by our systems.

Along with production of advanced military equipment the civil production was also in force, including cassette recorder «Parus».

At the beginning of the nineties an industry conversion process has been in progress in our country and our State unitary enterprise «Radiopribornyi zavod» was also involved to it. Our enterprise acquired documentation on production of radar station «Irtysh» intended for use on river crafts.

At the present time JSC «Saratovski radiopribornyi zavod» participates in State Defense Procurements and Acquisitions as manufacturer of-the-shelf items with technical maintenance, providing up-gradation of previous supplied systems as well as performs R&D and state-of-arts development under the Innovation programs.

According to the Government Decree our enterprise was integrated to JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron», with Granit’s heading R&D center our plant has a strong cooperation ties and we have already common directions of activity.