August 27-September 01 13.08.2019

August 27-September 01

In August 27-September 01, 2019, JSC «Concern «Granit-Electron» participates in the International aviation and space salon (MAKS-2019) on JSC «Tactical Missiles Corporation» integrated exposition area, stand 5, pavilion D9 of the exhibition complex in Zhukovsky, Moscow region.

Concern «Granit-Electron» develops, supplies and maintains radar stations and automated control systems of various versions, which are universal equipment for monitoring, processing and transmission of information. The uniqueness of the Concern’s technologies lies in the fact that they are spanning the domains of military and civilian sectors, which allows the company to successfully implement programs of diversification and conversion of the defense industry.

MAKS exhibition is an opportunity for the Concern to demonstrate once again high-tech samples of dual-purpose products, generated by subsidiaries of SC «Rawenstvo» and JSC «Severviy press».

A fundamentally new technology, developed by specialists of SC «Rawenstvo», such as coastal radars of «Ocean» line, will have the premiere demonstration at this exhibition.

The outstanding feature of «Ocean-200» airfield overview radar consists in the set of antennas with the length of 12, 18, or 21 feet, with geared or gearless drives, providing rotation of the antenna at a speed from 18 to 60 rpm at a wind speed of 50 m/s, and in high-tech manufacturing of the antenna itself. There are 12 modifications of the radar, which can meet the needs of any customer.

The advantage of «Ocean-200» radar is also in temperature operating conditions: from -40 to +55°C or from -60 to +55°C for stations with the option «HTR» (High Temperature Resistor), while the antenna device remains operational at wind speeds up to 100 knots. Solid radar transceiver has high jamming resistance to other radars and weather conditions.

«Ocean-200» fully meets the requirements of ICAO, as well as the rules of Russian and international aviation regulators for the use in aerodrome aircraft traffic control systems.

New modification of the innovative parachute simulator and training system «Kudesnik», developed by engineers of JSC «Severniy press», will be presented at the exhibition in Zhukovsky as well.

«Kudesnik» is a special kind of simulator, that allows to implement a real parachute jump, from being onboard of the airborne vehicle to landing. At MAKS exhibition a commercial version of the simulator, designed for VR-attractions, will be presented. The fascination of the project is provided by the fact that the participant of the VR-attraction is invited to make a jump in a virtual reality, which is impossible for him in reality due to many circumstances: rent of a helicopter and parachute equipment, the high price of a real jump, initial skills. Anyone can make a virtual jump. Constant updating of virtual reality options of the system will maintain the relevance and interest to the VR-attraction for the entire service life circle, which is at least 10 years. Being military oriented and presented at the recently conducted Forum ARMY-2019, «Kudesnik» has attracted great attention of Russian paratroopers and Special forces, while at MAKS multifunctional system «Kudesnik» is off-the-shelf civilian product.

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